Inspirational Tips to Capture the Best Pictures of your Children

As a hobby photographer, your own children are almost naturally a common object for photography. A fun, but also a tricky subject: after all, children rarely sit quietly and you often have to be quick to capture the moment. However, there are a range of rules that you can better follow for children’s photography, such as the type of camera and the settings of the camera.

Kind of camera for child photography

First of all you need a camera to take the most beautiful pictures of children. What kind of camera you will use depends purely on your own preferences. Do you want a camera that you can easily carry in your bag? Then take a compact camera .

If you prefer a sturdy body with interchangeable lenses, go for the SLR camera .

Nowadays you also have two nice in-between ways: the system camera and the bridge camera . A system camera is a camera the size of a compact camera, but with interchangeable lenses. A bridge camera has the size of an SLR camera, but without interchangeable lenses.

Camera settings for child photography
What is more important in children’s photography are the settings of the camera. Of course you can set the camera to automatic mode, but you will not automatically get the best pictures of children.

M stand
My preference is for the M mode, or the manual mode. With this mode, as the name says it all, you can enter the settings manually. The smaller this number, the more blurred the background will be.

Iso value
Another important setting for children’s photography is the ISO value. The iso value indicates the brightness. The higher the iso value, the better you can photograph in darker surroundings. But beware, because the higher your ISO value is, the more noise you will get in the photo

Shutter speed
The third setting that matters in children’s photography is shutter speed. This is the time the shutter is open to allow enough light to hit the sensor. The longer the shutter speed, the quieter the subject must be for a sharp photo. So it goes without saying that you should use the fastest possible shutter speed when photographing children.

Practice photographing children
In order to take good pictures of children, it is not so much the camera that is important, but the functions that the camera has. In addition, it takes a lot of practice and gaining insight into the exposure triangle.

In addition to the technical part, patience is also important in children’s photography. Especially if you have a certain setting in mind to put the children in the picture, it can take a while before you just have that one picture.

Don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work out. Remember that photographers have many hours of experience and they too have to take a lot of photos to keep a few that they are really satisfied with.

Conclusion tips pictures of children

What kind of camera you use depends entirely on your own preference like  ‘ [phrase incl. zoom cameras] ‘.

If you are just starting out and you have the ambition to take better pictures of children by manually figuring the settings, you can take pictures perfectly in the automatic mode. If you look at the settings chosen by the camera, you can use them as a starting point for the next similar situation. This way you get more and more insight into the lighting triangle and you will also be able to manually enter the values ​​more and more easily.