The Importance of Tow Truck Education

In each license cycle, Milpitas towing operators must take four hours of ongoing education. Before your license expires, you must finish continuing education. The following must be included in the continuing education hours:

  • One hour spent on road safety
  • One hour in Texas laws/rules governing towing operators’ behavior
  • Two more hours in any of the following subjects, or two further hours in any of the topics mentioned above
  • Driver safety is paramount
  • Techniques for towing
  • Safety and functioning of the equipment
  • Service and documentation to customers

Operators in Incident Management (First Renewal)

Instead of meeting the above-mentioned continuing education criteria, incident management tow operators renewing for the first time must take an 8-hour professional development course.

A Department-approved provider, such as a community college, college, or university, must offer or teach the course.

Live demonstrations, hands-on instruction, and classroom training are all part of the professional development courses. These courses must be completed in a classroom setting.

Coursework is complete

Within 15 days following the conclusion of your course, your provider will offer you a course completion certificate. A copy of a course completion certificate must be kept for two years following the date of completion. As part of an inspection or inquiry, the Department may want to view your documents in order to assess compliance

Please remember that it is the continuing education provider’s obligation to record continuing education hours. Within seven days after the course completion date, the provider should electronically submit a course completion report.

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