Getting Inspired to Turn your Motorcycle into a Real Cafe Racer!

A cafe racer is a special motorcycle classification that applies to standard motorcycles converted into a sports model. Nowadays there are of course a lot of different new sports versions available, but there was also a time when a sports model was rare. At that time, the engines were mainly tinkered with to create a sports model. It is therefore no longer necessary to make a cafe racer yourself. Yet in many cases it is the cheapest solution to give your old trusted motorcycle a somewhat sportier appearance.


Where exactly does the term cafe racer come from?

Most people are not sure where the term cafe racer comes from. Yet the solution is more obvious than you might think. After hours of tinkering and investing, people used to be so proud of their sporty motorcycle that they were happy to show it to a large audience. That’s why they drove past cafes and restaurants and pushed the throttle a little more. Show off their beautiful asset and then move on. They did not immediately think about comfort, but mainly about the appearance of their motorcycle. The sportier it looked, the more attention it will attract.

Tinker yourself
Many people nowadays choose a cafe racer because it is their passion to tinker with the motorcycle themselves. Upgrading the engine, investing hours in tinkering, it is something that really deserves your heart. For the people who have less experience with this or simply have little time to DIY, there are fortunately enough manufacturers who make cafe racers on request. You then indicate your preference with regard to the parts that must be purchased and the extra functions that your motorcycle may have. From the purchase of a throttle to having a db killer installed. This is a handy option for people who want to have a cafe racer, but simply don’t have the time to make it themselves.


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Tips for making a Cafe Racer

Has it always been your dream to create the ultimate cafe racer? Then nothing will stop you from realizing this dream.

Useful and practical tips:

  • First of all, make sure that your current motorcycle is in optimal condition. Are there any technical defects? Then try to improve it first. The basics must be right before you can start decorating your motorcycle.
  • Get inspired. Nowadays there are a lot of people who make a cafe racer themselves. Take advantage of this and look for examples from others. You can easily find these online or via handy apps such as Pinterest. This way you can get a lot of new ideas to make your two-wheeler even better.
  • When working on your motorcycle, of course, always take into account the laws that have been implemented by the RDW. Of course, you want to avoid being banned from using your motorcycle, because certain parts are not permitted by law. This way you avoid big disappointments when you finally want to show your two-wheeler to the general public.
  • Don’t be too careful when upgrading your motorcycle. Of course you will not achieve the desired effect with just a new headlight. So dare to think outside the box and see what other options there are to upgrade your motorcycle. This way you enjoy a great appearance, but you prevent nuisance for the neighbors. This prevents endless discussions and you can hit the road without any worries!