Benefits of Book Reading Program

Books are totally uncool! In the age of smartphones, tablets and the like, many reading fans are particularly concerned about the chances of survival of real books. Many kids already start at preschool to use digital media with moving images rather than to access reading programs for kids.

Reasons why real books are so important – not just for children!

Reading is healthy

reading programs for kids

Many studies show that reading books has positive effects on health. Reading, for example, reduces stress and helps you fall asleep. Especially after a strenuous day at work or putty, reading and/or reading out stories helps you switch off and relax. While reading you escape into the world of fantasy, in which you find distance from your own life and relax. Another benefit of reading in old age is the brain stays fit longer. Regular reading and the absorption of new information optimally train the brain and memory. Reading should also be able to prevent Alzheimer’s.

Reading programs for kids make you smart

No education without reading. Because by reading and reading aloud, you absorb new information every day. Children, in particular, learn new things and, above all, new words through daily reading stories. The children’s vocabulary grows automatically. Later at school and in everyday working life, reading helps with writing. First when learning to write and then even when developing your own writing style.

Reading programs for kids make you creative

The exciting stories and the colorful pictures that are generated while reading or reading aloud stimulate the imagination and encourage the imagination. In contrast to digital media with given images, it is the reader or the listener himself who creates the images for the text to be read. Especially with children who are regularly read to, the variety of ideas when reading aloud increases and their imagination improves.

Reading programs for kids promote social skills

Clearly, reading books promotes empathy and understanding for those around you. Through the stories, you learn to put yourself in other people’s shoes and to understand other points of view. Books allow various insights into other ways of life, views and habits.

Reading programs for kids promote concentration

Compared to smartphones, television and the like, reading books promotes the ability to concentrate on one thing for a long period of time. While reading, you concentrate on a story for a long time. This automatically promotes concentration.